Panthers News: Brian Burns, Jonathan Mingo, Donte Jackson and Bryce Young

Brian Burns
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Carolina Panthers not concerned about Bryce Young

Bryce Young put on another clinical throwing display to begin Carolina Panthers' mandatory minicamp on Tuesday. And yet, some fans and media prefer to focus on another batted pass rather than his overall body of work.

This comes after concerns about Young's size and durability came up constantly during his pre-draft process. At this point, the take is pretty lazy, but it was something brought up again by Scott Fowler of The Charlotte Observer after practice.

For the risk of sounding like a broken record, Frank Reich wasn't obviously bothered. And the head coach provided more context that probably went overlooked by those quick to criticize when speaking to the media via USA Today Sports.

"It really doesn’t [bother me] because I actually thought we would’ve seen a whole lot more balls batted down—because we’re not goin’ live and we’re tellin’ ’em not to hit the quarterback. So the defensive line—they rush, then they pull off and they’re standin’ there, ya know, more guys standing with their hands up. So, to be quite honest, I expected a whole lot more balls batted down from all the quarterbacks. And so, yeah, didn’t think much about it. Thought the quarterbacks are seeing the holes well."

Frank Reich via USA Today Sports

Young should take this in his stride and in all honesty, everyone closely following the team should stop asking about it unless the batted passes happen to become a complication when the regular season arrives. It also does nothing to detract from the No. 1 overall selection's exceptional start to life in Carolina.