Panthers news: Brian Burns, Mike Davis, Kris Jenkins Jr. and trading back

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Could Carolina Panthers trade down from No. 33?

Everyone knows the Carolina Panthers don't have a first-round pick in 2024. There's no point dwelling on this embarrassment any longer. Those in power need to focus their attention on how to make the best out of a bad situation.

The No. 33 overall selection is almost as good as a first-rounder. This gives the Panthers plenty of options depending on who falls out of the top 32 picks. Matt Alquiza from Sports Illustrated believes trading down to accumulate additional capital would be the best possible solution for sustainable growth long-term if the right offer comes along.

"Trading down isn't a sexy move and will draw ire from a rash of fans. However, long-term, it is absolutely best for the team. Carolina will need to patch the holes that the Bryce Young trade punctured in the team's roster somehow, and it starts on draft weekend. The 33rd overall pick is still valuable even though it's outside of the first round, so team's will definitely come calling if Carolina puts the selection up for sale. More bites at the apple when it comes to finding talent is necessary, and if that means trading down from #33 to take a few extra swings at second and third round talent, than so be it."

Matt Alquiza, Sports Illustrated

This shouldn't be off the table by any stretch of the imagination. The Panthers have several holes to fill. They are lacking significant salary-cap space once Frankie Luvu and Brian Burns are extended. More picks give the new power structure more chances to find immediate contributors. Much will also depend on which prospects are there for the taking.