Panthers News: Brian Burns, Miles Sanders, Ikem Ekwonu and Matt Ioannidis

Miles Sanders
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Carolina Panthers RB Miles Sanders throws shade

There is clearly some animosity from Miles Sanders' standpoint about how things unfolded during his final days with the Philadelphia Eagles. Something that began the process of joining the Carolina Panthers as the franchise looks to fill the void left by Christian McCaffrey in 2023, who was traded to the San Francisco 49ers.

When speaking with Steve Reed of the Associated Press, Sanders stated he was unhappy with a distinct lack of usage in the Super Bowl. Although he didn't say it directly, the comments suggested this played a significant role in the split despite his career year statistically last time around.

"Last game of the season? For all of the marbles? Everybody can answer that question. If they put themselves in my shoes, would they be happy? I don’t want to make headlines, (but) if it does, I don’t care. I can get into that another day, maybe. Maybe you should ask them why I’m moving here."

Miles Sanders via AP

Perhaps the Eagles got caught up in a shootout with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes to provide a better spectacle. But had they run the football with their primary weapon a little more, it could have brought better clock management when they had an advantage.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing to have, obviously. But the fact Sanders clearly has a chip on his shoulder should work to Carolina's advantage as they make him their three-down back alongside Bryce Young.