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Stephen Sullivan
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Carolina Panthers OL coach James Campen praised

Sunday's game will be an emotional one for James Campen. The offensive line coach goes up against his old employers. This means some reunions with familiar faces are on the horizon when the Green Bay Packers visit Bank of America Stadium.

It'll be business as usual when kick-off arrives. But running back Aaron Jones lifted the lid on what made the Carolina Panthers coach mean so much to him during his transition via The Athletic. This relationship has stood the test of time and Jones - whose dad wasn't around - continues to call Campen every Father's Day as a mark of respect.

"I respect him so much. He believed in me as a rookie. … He would just tell me: ‘Keep your head down. Keep working. Everything’s gonna work out for you. You’re a great player in this league,’ and just instilling early on, believing in me, and that just stuck with me. He’d come and put his arm around me and talk to me and ask me how I was doing, just taking the time when really nobody else was, so that really stuck with me. I’m like, man, he really cares about me. He really believes in me. I’m like, he has how many years in this league and he’s seeing it in me? … It boosted me. It boosted my confidence, and I feel like it helped me go out there and ball."

Aaron Jones via The Athletic

Campen's taken some heat for the offensive line's regression this season. Injuries haven't helped. The scheme doesn't suit everyone compared to the system deployed in 2022. But one thing that cannot be called into question is his integrity and willingness to go above and beyond for his players.