Panthers News: Bryce Young, Adam Thielen, CB visit and front office loss

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Chris Simms on Carolina Panthers QB race

All signs are pointing to the Carolina Panthers selecting Bryce Young at No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. This is smoke and mirrors season obviously, but the pendulum has swung dramatically over the last fortnight when it looked for a long time as if C.J. Stroud would be the pick. 

This has been well-received by large sections of the fanbase. But during a recent episode of Pro Football Talk, there was still some hesitation from Chris Simms about the quarterback's chances of succeeding in the pros. 

"A lot of people think Bryce Young has special qualities. I'm a little different in my feel for him. He scares me. There are things he does on film that are really special, he's the media darling, the guy who the average fan that watches a game here and there would like. The guy is viewed highly in NFL circles, but it's polarizing. Other teams I've talked to said thank we don't have to take Bryce Young as there is a risk here with the size. They can like both, but I kinda get the feeling that they've released it to get the fanbase ready unless they aren't sure yet."

Chris Simms via Pro Football Talk

It's less about Young's size, but rather his slender frame that seems to be the biggest concern. This hasn't stopped the signal-caller from thriving thanks to elite processing and a magician-like pocket presence, but it might not be as easy once he gets to the next level.

The Panthers better be right if the choice is Young. Nothing has been set in stone as yet, but momentum is everything at this stage and that's now fully with the former Alabama standout.

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