Panthers News: Bryce Young's ambition, D.J. Chark, 3-round mock and C.J. Stroud

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Bryce Young wants to quash doubts as Carolina Panthers pick looms

Bryce Young is a polarizing figure for one reason. Even though it has yet to bring substantial complications throughout a glittering young career to date.

Height and weight have been the main topics of discussion surrounding Young. He's certainly an outlier at the quarterback position and immediately becomes the league's smallest, but the prospect's managed to come this far after becoming the top high school player in California to a two-year starter and Heisman Trophy winner at Alabama.

It seems for all the smart money that the Carolina Panthers are going to take Young at No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. C.J. Stroud might have the prototypical size, but there's a certain aura surrounding the diminutive player that's hard not to love.

During a fascinating appearance on The Pivot podcast, Young hears all the talk about his size. However, he remains laser-focused on proving people wrong as the NFL world awaits.

"I’m 21, I’ve been dealing with this my entire life, this is not new at all. I’m not someone who wants to go out and combat everything people say about me or refute. That’s cool, I’m good with that,” Young said. For the people that support me, and believe in me, I’m super grateful. But for everyone who thinks I’m too short, or whatever it may be, I never take that stuff personally."

Bryce Young via The Pivot

The Panthers have been blown away by Young throughout the assessment process. And after watching him on The Pivot, it's not hard to see how he might have separated himself from the other top college quarterbacks set to take their chances at the next level.

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