Panthers News: Bryce Young, Andy Dalton, Thomas Brown and 2024 draft needs

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Andy Dalton
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Thomas Brown on Carolina Panthers WRs

One of the primary reasons behind the Carolina Panthers' demise so far has been a lack of efficiency on the offensive side of the football. Things just haven't clicked with head coach Frank Reich calling plays over the opening fortnight, which stems from conservative schemes and wide receivers that cannot seem to create separation frequently enough.

This is a complication that needs to be resolved at the earliest possible opportunity. When discussing whether it was schematic concepts or wideout ability holding the Panthers back, offensive coordinator Thomas Brown stated via Sports Illustrated that it's a combination of the two upon further examination.

"I would say it's both. Being in the National Football League, the windows are really small. Every now and then you have some free runners - somebody busts a coverage. But if guys are playing with great technique whether it be press man or a three-deep zone look, there's not going to be much separation. It's more about the timing, anticipation, the operation overall for us offensively to get better when it comes to guys being open."

Thomas Brown via Sports Illustrated

Many fans have already begun to demand Brown assume play-calling responsibilities after just two weeks. While that might not be the case in the immediate future, one would be hard-pressed to see any other outcome if things continue trending in this manner.