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Carolina Panthers OL Austin Corbett's boost

What a sight for sore eyes it was to see Austin Corbett on the practice field. Wednesday saw the interior offensive lineman make his triumphant return following months of grueling rehabilitation after suffering a torn ACL in Week 18 of the 2022 season.

The Carolina Panthers officially opened Corbett's 21-day window from the Physically Unable to Perform list, which was extremely well-received among the fanbase. Considering the struggles the offensive line is going through, getting the former second-round selection back will be a significant boost.

Nobody is expecting Corbett to be on the field immediately. It'll be a gradual process to get him up to speed, but the player was thrilled to take another monumental leap in his recovery based on comments via Carolina's website.

"There are just constant reminders of what it's been like to go through this. I know I'm not the first, and I won't be the last to tear an ACL and come back. There are a lot of days that are awful, sucky days. But then there are days when you make an incredible leap, and it's like, holy cow, it's amazing what the body can do. This is real now, now I'm back. It's real. It's here. After all these months, I now know what the body is capable of. Now it's just a matter of doing it."

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The sooner Corbett gets on the field, the better Carolina's chances will be. Not having their starting guard tandem from last season healthy is being sorely felt, so getting one into the mix should improve stability - especially on the right-hand side if that's where the Nevada product is placed by the coaching staff.