Panthers News: Bryce Young, Austin Corbett, Frank Reich and Jerry Jeudy

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Jerry Jeudy
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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young's focus

It didn't take a genius to figure out that quarterback Bryce Young was frustrated after Sunday's home loss to the Minnesota Vikings. The No. 1 overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft is being hindered by a lack of confidence from play-caller Frank Reich, whose bland scheme and predictable concepts are holding this offense back in the worst way imaginable.

Considering how Reich schemed things up for veteran backup Andy Dalton, who threw 58 times at the Seattle Seahawks, fans are questioning why the same thought process isn't being implemented for their franchise player. Especially considering how well C.J. Stroud - taken one spot after Young - is currently thriving with the Houston Texans.

When speaking in front of the media on Wednesday, Young was clearly delighted with his friend's early success. But the quarterback is focused more on what's can control rather than any comparisons with other signal-callers in the 2023 draft class based on comments via USA Today Sports.

"For me, I’m big on kinda runnin’ my own race. We’re all kinda super supportive of each other within. With him, he’d say the same thing. We’re all supportive and just wanna see each other shine. I have to focus on myself and tryin’ to be better and improving. And to do that, I have to put energy into myself and I have to earn that right."

Bryce Young via USA Today Sports

It's time for change in some capacity. Reich doesn't appear willing to relinquish the play-calling right now, so taking the advice of others and adding a little more creativity with nothing to lose over the next fortnight versus high-class opposition represents the best course of action.