Panthers News: Bryce Young, Brian Burns, Chris Tabor and poisoned chalice

Delving deeper into the latest Carolina Panthers news and rumors from around the media.

Brian Burns
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Chris Tabor's relaxed approach

As previously stated, the Carolina Panthers are devoid of any inspiration or motivation right now. Losing 12 of 13 games will do that, unfortunately. It's about how the players respond moving forward that represents the biggest tell of all.

Chris Tabor decided to give his players the day off on Monday despite getting beaten by the New Orleans Saints. This came in for criticism from some sections of the fanbase on social media when the news was confirmed. But the interim head coach saw it as reading the demoralized room more than anything else based on comments via the team's website.

"It was something that I had decided upon, and you just have to, I think, read your team, read the room and sometimes. Sometimes getting away and just kind of clearing your mind is a good solution to kind of having the same routine all the time, if that makes sense. I mean, I've had a few guys already up in my office watching tape. So I think, I think when sometimes people hear the word day off, they think we don't see anybody. You actually see everybody."

Chris Tabor via

Sometimes, taking a step back is the best thing for all parties. So much losing does untold damage to confidence levels. Maybe this leniency and extra time to reflect can bring around a magic turnaround in Week 15 against the Atlanta Falcons.

Don't hold your breath on that, though.