Panthers News: Bryce Young, Brian Burns, Chris Tabor and poisoned chalice

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Brian Burns
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Carolina Panthers getting tougher with Bryce Young

Bryce Young's development has been a hot topic of discussion recently. Frank Reich and Josh McCown were fired primarily due to the quarterback's lack of growth. But it's not like things have gotten much better since David Tepper brought more changes to the Carolina Panthers.

According to Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated via The Bleacher Report, there's been a concerted effort from interim head coach Chris Tabor to be tougher on Young in pursuit of improvements based on discussions with sources. This is an approach everyone is seemingly on the same page regarding, which wasn't the case with Reich at the helm.

"Bryce Young didn't look much better Sunday, going 13-of-36 for 137 yards and a 48.0 passer rating. But the Panthers are trying to do more to get him going. With QBs coach Josh McCown gone, Jim Caldwell is now in the quarterback room every day, and interim coach Chris Tabor has pushed, in colorful language, for a tougher approach with the quarterback. The good news is that, as I've heard it, OC Thomas Brown was already an advocate for pushing more accountability with the team's No. 1 pick."

Albert Breer via The Bleacher Report

Whether it's too late in the season for Young to salvage anything from it is anyone's guess. Many fans are calling for the Panthers to sit their prized possession to avoid any further long-term damage. Although that doesn't appear likely based on Tabor's comments about the No. 1 overall pick's outlook.