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Carolina Panthers OLB Brian Burns slams Madden rating

Madden ratings are always a source of great debate. There is never a consensus agreement among the players when they receive their fate, but it shows they care enormously about how their talents are perceived given how popular the game remains across the NFL's diverse fanbase.

Despite a career-high 12.5 sacks and a second-straight Pro Bowl selection last season, stud pass-rusher Brian Burns actually saw his Madden 24 rating drop to 87. Based on his comments via USA Today Sports on the Caps Off podcast, the former Florida State standout is less than thrilled.

"Yo, Madden ratings are trash. First of all, I don’t understand, ’cause I was an 88 last year. I don’t know how it went down. I had all personal bests this past season. I topped every number in basically every category almost. But that don’t make sense to me, one. And then two, I’ve been like an 87, 88 the past two years."

Brian Burns via USA Today Sports

Burns might be unhappy, but if this gives him extra motivation and a chip on his shoulder heading into the new season, that's great news for the Carolina Panthers. The same applies to others on the roster such as Jaycee Horn, who took to social media to voice his displeasure after he didn't crack the top 20 cornerbacks.

With training camp getting underway on Wednesday, there could be some good news upcoming for Burns in terms of a new contract. Something that will make him extremely wealthy and could be among the biggest-ever deals in franchise history for good measure.