Panthers news: Bryce Young, Brian Burns, Scott Fitterer and Black Monday

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Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers GM Scott Fitterer's fate

As previously stated, things are not looking good for Carolina Panthers general manager Scott Fitterer. It's been an underwhelming three years as the team's front-office leader. He doesn't have Matt Rhule to shoulder the personnel blame anymore. This failure is all on him.

According to Joe Person of The Athletic, the feeling from speaking to those with knowledge of the situation indicates David Tepper is leaning toward removing Fitterer from the equation. This is the first time he's gone down the traditional route in this scenario. It would be another sign of the billionaire's intent to alter his approach and go with a hard reset at long last.

"The feeling around the league is that Tepper will be hiring replacements for both Frank Reich and Fitterer, the former Seattle Seahawks personnel executive who succeeded Marty Hurney in 2021. The Panthers have gone 14-37 since Fitterer arrived, a .275 winning percentage that is the NFL’s lowest over that span. Matt Rhule had final roster say during Fitterer’s first two years, so it was tough to say exactly who was calling the shots. But Fitterer had no impediments this year, when he failed to surround Young with enough playmakers or build adequate depth along the offensive line. Tepper has fired a lot of coaches — football and soccer — and team officials over his six seasons as owner. But he’s never cleaned house and hired a head coach and GM at the same time. That streak could be ending."

Joe Person, The Athletic

Fitterer doubled down on his roster moves during the offseason and it blew up in his face. General managers around the NFL have been fired for a lot less. Although he has a strong working relationship with Tepper - which centers on enabling his meddling - the time for change has arrived.