Panthers news: Bryce Young, Brian Burns, Scott Fitterer and Black Monday

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Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers hope for Bryce Young

Bryce Young was no doubt thrilled to see the back of his rookie season. The Carolina Panthers failed the quarterback. They must do everything in their power to make this situation right and allow their No. 1 overall selection to flourish as his career progresses.

That won't be any consolation to the hugely competitive signal-caller right now. Interim head coach Chris Tabor hopes Young can put the recent turbulence as a learning experience to build upon moving forward based on comments via Sports Illustrated. After all, this is the first time he's experienced any sort of prolonged adversity throughout his football life.

"I think when he's in year 12 winning a lot of games and slicing people up a little bit, dicing it around, throwing it around, I say you'll remember this first year and you'll probably look back and say you know what? It stunk at the time, but this really helped me get to where I'm at. He has a really bright future."

Chris Tabor via Sports Illustrated

The Panthers made a substantial investment in Young that was far more than they originally planned. Surrounding him with better options across the board and hiring coaches capable of nurturing his obvious talent is the only viable option in the coming weeks.

Young's flashed moments of quality. It's not been consistent enough by any stretch of the imagination, but writing off the player given the situation he found himself in would be extremely foolish.