Panthers News: Bryce Young, Cam Newton, OL changes and Bill Belichick

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Bryce Young
Bryce Young / Denny Simmons / The Tennessean / USA
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Bryce Young's regret

The Carolina Panthers making such drastic changes to the coaching staff in-season seemed inevitable. This is a team descending into freefall, with offensive failings and Bryce Young's development coming under the microscope after so many bold predictions from those in power before the campaign.

Young has a new interim head coach and quarterbacks coach to work with. Thomas Brown is also back calling plays, which can hopefully have the desired effect and allow the No. 1 overall selection to finish the season strongly.

When discussing the changes, Young couldn't hide his regret based on comments via the team's website. Relationships have been broken, but the most important thing for the Alabama product is focusing on the now and getting better.

"We all take, we all take ownership, especially offensively. It's all of us. I think we all look in the mirror. There are all things that we could have done better. We all wanted to do better, and it's a collective unit. There's no finger-pointing from players, coaches, nothing. We all could have been better, and we have to improve. It's really hard. These are real relationships. These are people's lives, of course. You spend almost double-digit hours a day at times just in the building and day after day after day. So much time is spent, and obviously you build a strong bond and strong relationship over that time. It's hard, it's a really harsh reality of the business, not just Frank [Reich], but Josh [McCown] as well."

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The Panthers' personnel won't be changing all that much, so how much Young can progress between now and when the campaign concludes remains to be seen. But a fresh set of ideas and working closely with Jim Caldwell could be enough for some encouraging signs.