Panthers News: Bryce Young, Cam Newton, OL changes and Bill Belichick

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Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers to target Bill Belichick?

David Tepper has long been waiting to make a huge splash to send shockwaves through the NFL. Making a trade for the No. 1 pick didn't bring immediate rewards, but that's unlikely to stop the erratic billionaire from swinging for the fences in pursuit of getting his next head coaching hire right.

One rumor doing the rounds centers on an ambitious ploy to lure Bill Belichick from the New England Patriots. His glittering spell with the organization looks set to be ending and this sort of move might attract Tepper, who'd bring instant credibility to the Carolina Panthers at a seemingly substantial cost.

Ben Volin from the Boston Globe stated that Belichick to the Panthers was something to watch based on conversations he's had with people around the league. Just how well he'd mesh with Tepper is anyone's guess, but nothing is seemingly off the table right now.

"The Panthers are on the prowl after firing coach Frank Reich, and Belichick makes sense for all kinds of reasons. This isn’t just my opinion; this is based on conversations with league sources who know the coaching market and know Belichick. Keep a close eye on Belichick and Carolina. Carolina would be a good spot to finish out his career and break Don Shula’s record (Belichick is 16 wins from tying the overall record of 347, and 28 from the regular-season record of 328). Carolina is a quiet market with a small media scene that Belichick could easily handle. He’d be far away from the Patriots in the NFC South, and wouldn’t have to face them until 2025. His arrival would likely be welcomed by Panthers fans, who are tired of watching losing teams led by nameless, faceless coaches. The organization could be a blank canvas, with general manager Scott Fitterer also likely to be fired after the season."

Ben Volin, Boston Globe

Cam Newton also said Tepper was keen on acquiring Belichick if he parts ways with the Patriots this offseason. Giving him complete control is controversial given his suspect personnel moves recently, but if the owner feels like it's the best thing to do, he won't hesitate.

Watch this space, I guess.