Panthers News: Bryce Young, camp future, Ikem Ekwonu and C.J. Henderson

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Ikem Ekwonu
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Carolina Panthers training camp future

Going away from the Carolina Panthers practice facility for training camp has become a core part of the team's planning since its inception. Wofford College in Spartanburg has always played host to training camp, but Joe Person of The Athletic recently discussed how much longer this would continue given the current trend around the league.

Of course, team owner David Tepper had grand plans for a lavish new headquarters in Rock Hill before things turned bitter and the plug was pulled. Until another plan is formed, the Panthers might decide to remain at Wofford College, although Person outlined that it is a year-to-year evaluation currently.

"A team spokesperson said Saturday the Panthers are focused on 2023 and will evaluate their relationship with Wofford on a year-to-year basis. Wofford officials declined to comment, but a Spartanburg tourism leader said the city hopes the Panthers will remain a part of the city’s summer fabric. “Spartanburg would love to have the Panthers back because we kind of feel like we’re part of the organization,” said Billy Dunlap, chief tourism development officer for OneSpartanburg Inc. “Spartanburg has been a part of it for 28 years and this is part of every season — you come to Spartanburg for training camp,” added Dunlap, who was part of the Panthers’ Rock Hill discussions when he worked for the York Co. (SC) tourism office."

Joe Person, The Athletic

Aside from the ungodly humidity, it's hard to envisage a better set-up for the Panthers to host camp. Because they've been coming to Spartanburg for so long, there is a sense of routine and preparations have become second nature before the team arrives.

Tepper might have something up his sleeve in the long term regarding a new site. But for now, Wofford College feels like home.