Panthers News: Bryce Young, Chris Tabor, D.J. Chark and injuries

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Chris Tabor
Chris Tabor / Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
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Chris Tabor's excitement

Chris Tabor is front and center for the first time in his NFL coaching career. While he's always been regarded as one of the most accomplished special teams coordinators around, the respected figure has been given a chance to showcase what he could do when team owner David Tepper made him interim head coach.

Things aren't looking great for the Carolina Panthers right now. But Tabor is excited about the opportunity and plans to implement his ethos immediately based on comments via USA Today Sports.

"I think we’re excited. It doesn’t really matter what your role is. We always talk about try to be a star in your role. We’re goin’ through the process, it was a good week of practice and preparation. I like where the guys are at, and I’m sure every coach does at this time of week. But we got another day tomorrow to tighten some things up, and we’ll get those things cleaned up. That’ll put us in position to see what we can do on Sunday. We always talk about gettin’ better and puttin’ ourselves up in a position to be successful. I wanna see us do that. I wanna see us just continually play. If they stop us, that’s okay. Let’s just keep choppin’ wood. Let’s just keep workin’. Next-play mentality and just be in attack mode the whole time."

Chris Tabor via USA Today Sports

Tabor has his work cut out, there's no getting away from that. But the energy around the building has been in a much better place this week according to multiple beat writers observing practice and visiting the locker room.

Will it translate to better on-field fortunes? Time will tell.