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Christian McCaffrey clarifies Carolina Panthers trade comments

Christian McCaffrey was the hot topic of discussion earlier this week when he was seen to slight the organization. The running back claimed the San Francisco 49ers felt more like a family and being traded was the best thing that's ever happened to the player, which saw some sections of the Carolina Panthers fanbase begin turning on their former hero.

While going to a leading contender within a system that's sure to prolong his career was no doubt the right solution at the time, many felt McCaffrey could have chosen his words a little better. Especially considering the esteem in which he is (or was) held across the franchise.

During a recent appearance on Good Morning Football via Nick Shook of, McCaffrey was quick to clarify his statement was nothing against the Panthers. There is also no bad blood on the player's behalf after being initially stung by general manager Scott Fitterer's decision to ship him off for valuable draft assets.

"I just felt very fortunate to be a part of something that was already so developed so to say and like I said a culture that was established. I do want to make it clear that was nothing against Carolina when I said that. I have no bad blood and I love everybody there. I still keep in touch with a lot of my teammates there and a lot of the coaches who I had the privilege of playing for there."

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Hopefully, this trade becomes a win-win for all. The Panthers can move forward with their new franchise quarterback and McCaffrey will be looking for a fairytale ending of his own in the form of a Super Bowl ring.