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Cam Newton calls out FOX Sports analyst

Former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton caused a stir recently by outlining the difference between game changers and game managers at the position. Looking at how things unfolded over Wildcard weekend, he made some correct points about the individuals in question.

It didn't take long for analysts to start going after Newton personally after his opinion, which he's entitled to make after an exceptional NFL career. Critiquing the comment itself wasn't enough for some, they went about damning his character and achievements. Jason McIntyre of FOX Sports even went as far as saying Dak Prescott had a better career than Newton based on stats.

Newton hit back at McIntyre, outlining that his dual-threat capabilities weren't acknowledged in comments via Sports Illustrated. The 2015 NFL MVP added that if the shoe was on the other foot, the vitriol would be incredible.

"I was a dual-threat quarterback. Add in rushing yards. Add in rushing touchdowns. They try to manipulate the narrative. Instead of speaking about what I said, they try to poke at the person. Jason, if I were to do my research on you personally - failed situations, got fired from a job, flunked out of college. If I really were to do that…then I will be evil. I'm the bully. Or I'm bitter."

Cam Newton via Sports Illustrated

McIntyre hit back as host of The Herd on Friday. But again, he missed the point entirely.

A sign of the times, I guess.