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David Tepper
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David Tepper's shameful act

This was one loss too many for Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper. The petulant billionaire brought more shame to the franchise with a despicable act. Something that could lead to repercussions if league officials including commissioner Roger Goodell see fit.

Tepper was videoed allegedly throwing his drink on a Jacksonville Jaguars fan before storming out of his lavish suite. Everyone - including beleaguered general manager Scott Fitterer - stood in disbelief. This is the latest in a series of embarrassing incidents where the owner is concerned since he bought the Panthers from Jerry Richardson.

An NFL spokesman stated after the game that the league was aware of the incident and wouldn't be commenting at this time. After hours of waiting for a response, the Panthers declined to comment entirely.

It's a terrible look and does nothing to dispel the notion of Tepper being the NFL's worst owner now that Dan Snyder is out of the equation. He's disgraced himself on countless occasions. His constant meddling in football affairs has seen the Panthers go from a respectable outfit to the league's laughing stock.

It'll be interesting to see what comes from this. Any self-respecting person would issue a statement apologizing. But as we all know, Tepper is not one to place blame on himself as an egotist who constantly needs reassurance and pandering.

The worst thing for fans? They're stuck with him.