Panthers news: Bryce Young, DeShaun Foster, D.J. Johnson and free agency

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Carolina Panthers linked with two free agents

There is a lot of hard work ahead and not much money to go around for the Carolina Panthers this offseason. Some key men need to be extended. Almost every position group needs reinforcing. New salary-cap manager Brandt Tilis has his work cut out maneuvering money around effectively without jeopardizing long-term plans.

The Panthers are unlikely to go big fish hunting in free agency. They'll be active for sure, but this isn't perceived as the most attractive landing spot given the constant stream of failures under team owner David Tepper.

Shervon Fakhimi from Clutch Points named wide receiver Darnell Mooney and tight end Noah Fant as potential options for the Panthers if they hit the open market. Bryce Young needs better weapons. This duo could be useful additions if the money is right for all parties.

"[Darnell] Mooney is a good receiver and the Panthers badly need one of those. The 34-year-old Adam Thielen was the only Panther to exceed 550 receiving yards in 2023 and half of those yards came in the first six weeks of the season. Mooney could be a great addition next to him and the rookie Jonathan Mingo. The Bears made lemonade with a former Panther receiver. Why can't Carolina do the same but in reverse? New head coach Dave Canales was the Seahawks' quarterbacks coach in 2022 when Fant was in Seattle. Carolina's new general manager Dan Morgan spent a few years in Seattle, too. He never overlapped with Fant, but they should have some intel on Fant's game based on their time there."

Shervon Fakhimi, Clutch Points

The Panthers must spend their money wisely in the coming weeks. Mooney and Fant would be cost-effective options capable of making Young's life a lot easier. But there's just no telling for sure how Dan Morgan and Dave Canales are going to approach matters.