Panthers News: Bryce Young, DeShawn Williams, Juston Burris and Dalvin Cook

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Juston Burris begins Carolina Panthers scouting journey

While Juston Burris has yet to formally announce his retirement from the playing side of things, it's clear the veteran safety has already set his sights on the next stage of his football life. After spending the last three seasons with the Carolina Panthers as a starter and depth chart piece, something else is now in his immediate future.

Among the changes within the scouting department announced by the team included Burris spending the summer working as a scouting intern. If all goes well, then the former North Carolina State standout could potentially be offered something more permanent once the internship concludes.

One could make a strong case that there should be a better path into coaching and front-office roles where former players are concerned. But if everything goes well for Burris, it could be the start of a blossoming future behind the scenes.

After a fine offseason of recruitment, others also received some well-deserved promotions. Cole Spencer is the new director of player personnel, with Jared Kirksey securing the director of college scouting position in recognition of his sterling commitment since joining the Panthers in 2021.

Another notable move centered on Jordan Trgovac, who is the daughter of Mike Trgovac. After transitioning well from PR to scouting last year, has now been pushed up to an area scout covering the Mid-Atlantic region.