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Bryce Young praises Carolina Panthers legend

It only took Bryce Young just a few short weeks to become No. 1 on the quarterback depth chart. Something he richly deserves after integrating smoothly into the Carolina Panthers after hearing his name called first during the 2023 NFL Draft.

This was a tremendous environment for any rookie to begin their professional journey. The Panthers set everything up for Young to slot in and shine, which is something he's done emphatically throughout OTAs up to now.

There are veterans and experienced coaches to lean on for advice and guidance, which is another positive. Young's also had the benefit of speaking to legendary franchise figures who've attended practices during the offseason so far.

One ex-player who's been around more than most is Steve Smith Sr. And based on Young's comments via Yahoo Sports, his presence has left a significant impression on Carolina's new face of the franchise.

"He’s been here a good amount. And having someone—a legend—being able to be around every time, every opportunity I get to be able to pick his brain, hear his opinions about stuff, tell me how he feels—whether that’s stuff about me and super applicable or just other stuff. Whatever conversations we have, I definitely value those a lot. I’m grateful for him being here. A legend of the sport. And for him to come here—it’s not his first time he comes in—and he’s supportive, he’s doing everything to push us and giving his opinion and that’s something we all value being the legend that he is."

Bryce Young via Yahoo Sports

Young's taken everything in his stride so far with his customary poise and calm confidence. This is a far cry from how Smith approached matters, but as the old saying goes, opposites attract.