Panthers News: Bryce Young, D.J. Moore, Frank Reich and winning NFC South

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Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers HC Frank Reich's process

Being satisfied with losing is something that was synonymous with the previous Carolina Panthers coaching regime. Even after a demoralizing reverse against the New York Jets, nobody within the organization is looking to do things any differently in terms of approach.

Are there things to clean up? Sure.

But this is a gradual process. It's also worth remembering that the starters didn't play much, Carolina's two starting edge rushers weren't on the field, and not one part of their scheme was revealed to avoid putting out clues on tape before Week 1.

This was something discussed after the game by head coach Frank Reich, who stated via Sports Illustrated that his players have bought into the process and everything is geared around getting ready for their regular season opener at the Atlanta Falcons - not gaining meaningless wins in warmups.

"Right now, we’ve sent the message as coaches and players to be ready to play and if we feel like it’s the right thing to play a lot, we will play a lot. If we feel like we need to kind of sit back, we will do that. I respect the players because they are all bought into that. They are trusting that process and trusting us as a coaching staff to say, ok, let’s get ready, the goal is to get ready for Atlanta and get ready for the regular season. Everything we are doing is geared around that."

Frank Reich via Sports Illustrated

Obviously, building momentum at this stage of preparations is a bonus. But nobody will care about this or any preseason result if the Panthers get one over on their NFC South rivals over the first fortnight of the 2023 campaign.