Panthers News: Bryce Young, Donte Jackson, Thomas Brown and Week 11

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Donte Jackson
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Carolina Panthers CB Donte Jackson's resolve

There were very few Carolina Panthers players to emerge from Thursday night's debacle with any credit. It was an absolute horror show from start to finish, exposing the same failings that have turned a campaign full of promise into another of abject misery.

Donte Jackson was one of the team's standout performers. The veteran cornerback looked assured in coverage and also made some outstanding tackles on running downs during what was arguably his best performance of the campaign.

That couldn't prevent the Panthers from falling to yet another loss, so it was a wasted effort in many respects. However, Jackson was quick to point out via the team's website that no matter how things look, the locker room remains together, fighting for each other in the face of severe adversity.

"That's easy; it's a team game. We know we're all in this together, you know what I'm saying? So it's an easy thing to stay together. That's our brothers, and we just have to keep on going out there doing what we've got to do."

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Jackson is one of the most influential leaders within the locker room and easily the most vocal. The Panthers need all the motivation they can get right now, but it would be a shock if their already low morale wasn't obliterated beyond measure against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 11.