Panthers news: Bryce Young, draft trades, power rankings and new homes

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Carolina Panthers trade process for No. 32

The Carolina Panthers struck with conviction to trade up one spot in pursuit of securing Xavier Legette at No. 32 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft. This was an odd move initially, but it makes a ton of sense when one factors everything into the equation.

Dan Morgan and the Buffalo Bills have a strong relationship. But the Bills weren't going to just give away the pick, even if it was one position down the pecking order. The Panthers general manager was also fully aware that other teams were lurking for Legette, so coughing up the compensation guaranteed his services while also providing Carolina with a fifth-year option.

This was discussed in greater detail by team writer Darin Gantt in his latest mailbag. He stated that the run of wide receivers coupled with the Bills being receptive to trade-down offers meant this was an opportunity Morgan couldn't waste. This was their conviction guy, so missing out entirely was not an option.

"Before the Bills could do any business with the Panthers, they traded down with another team in the receiver market. Sending their 28th pick to the Chiefs (along with 133 and 248) for 32, 95, and 221 was part of a philosophy. The Bills were open for business. And after trading away the chance at speed receiver Xavier Worthy to the team that's knocked them out of the playoffs three of the last four seasons, it's clear how badly they wanted to move back and add assets. Morgan didn't know what the Chargers and Patriots were up to, but he suspected. Positions tend to go on runs during the draft as the basic market forces (scarcity increases demand) kick in. Once Worthy went 28th and Ricky Pearsall went 31st, Morgan had to be aware that somebody else might go get the guy he obviously wanted in Legette. So he went and got him himself, sending 33 and 141 for 32 and 200."

Legette has some lofty expectations on his shoulders, but the Panthers believe he provides the versatility and explosiveness this offense lacked last season. If the former South Carolina star reaches his billing, then nobody will be complaining about the minimal cost attached to bringing him into the fold.