Panthers News: Bryce Young, Frank Reich, Laviska Shenault and Jeremy Chinn

Examining the latest Carolina Panthers news and rumos from around the media.

Jeremy Chinn
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Which Carolina Panthers news stories are hitting the headlines as preparations continue for what would be a monumental upset in Week 6?

The Carolina Panthers are back at practice and trying to get their house in order before embarking on the next challenge - the biggest of 2023 so far. It's not surprising to see Frank Reich's men as underdogs by almost two touchdowns at the Miami Dolphins, which is a pretty fair reflection on how things are unfolding for both teams through five weeks.

That said, there are no expectations whatsoever on the Panthers, which might actually work in their favor and allow the player to perform with an added sense of freedom. Until then, the stories causing conversation include Laviska Shenault Jr. wanting to do more, Bryce Young receiving high praise, Frank Reich's operational changes, and the prospect of trading Jeremy Chinn.

Let's delve into each topic in more detail.

Carolina Panthers WR/RB Laviska Shenault's usage

Miles Sanders isn't getting much done in the running game as he deals with numerous injuries. However, there were flashes of promise from Chuba Hubbard and Laviska Shenault Jr. that could lead to more involvement moving forward.

Shenault, in particular, is an intriguing weapon that can be utilized in different ways. He brings a unique physical style matched with decent vision despite his limited carries - something the former second-round pick is looking to build on in pursuit of getting the Carolina Panthers out of their slump based on comments via the team's website.

"I feel like (rushing) is the easiest thing when it comes to mental. Like, I'm getting the ball. When I say running back's the easiest for me, (it's) because I'm used to touching it a lot. I like to get the ball in my hands. I have the opportunity to make guys miss and do that. I feel like that's what I do at a high level. And it works out well. It was like, 'Maybe I could have done something else,' but it was three people, right? But that's just my mentality. I just always want to be better."

Laviska Shenault via

Sanders missed practice on Wednesday with a shoulder issue, which is concerning. If he cannot go at the Miami Dolphins, then the Panthers would be wise to deploy Shenault and Hubbard as a potentially prolific tandem.