Panthers News: Bryce Young, Frank Reich, Laviska Shenault and Jeremy Chinn

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Carolina Panthers HC Frank Reich's changes

Something had to be done. The Carolina Panthers couldn't continue with the way things were transpiring on offense through five weeks, which is playing a leading role behind their demise en route to yet another lost season.

While the defense isn't without blame, Carolina's offense is mundane, uninspired, and lacking any sense of urgency. This is reflected by poor clock management and the need to get to the line of scrimmage quickly.

This is causing complications for Bryce Young, to put it mildly. When discussing the topic in front of the media on Wednesday, Frank Reich indicated via the team's website that the operational side is coming on after opting to simplify the process for their rookie signal-caller.

"I just think the operation, it's gotten better. I think it'll continue to get better, understanding the procedural part with the players with Bryce [Young] and how we communicate to the receivers what personnel group we are in and stuff like that. I think that's getting better. I mean if you say just pure math, it has to be faster if I don't have to give the whole play call, if I can just say, hey, run number 37. You know, there's something to that now. I've called a lot of players for a lot of quarterbacks that don't want to wear a wristband. I understand the other side of it. But the fact of the matter is these days, in most offenses, if you want to move guys around in personnel and shift in motion, you can't do that without using language and words that make the play call lengthy. So in those instances, you tend to use the wristband."

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When the Panthers were in high tempo, they looked like a different outfit. Obviously, most of their productivity came in garbage time with the game out of sight, but it was positive nonetheless - something they can hopefully build on as the campaign progresses.