Panthers News: Bryce Young, Frank Reich, OL problems and Shi Smith

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Frank Reich
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Carolina Panthers play-calling

Much has been made about the Carolina Panthers' bland play-calling throughout the preseason. Frank Reich and Thomas Brown are currently sharing responsibilities during warmup contests, with no real game-day scheme concepts being implemented to keep everyone guessing before the real action arrives.

When discussing the play-calling after Carolina's loss at the New York Giants, Reich stated via Sports Illustrated that he did see some improvements. The figurehead also praised Brown for making the most out of difficult circumstances in the second half en route to a mini-fightback.

"I thought it was better, I thought. We did a little bit more. We still didn’t do a ton, but we did some more. We did some more stuff. We had some, a few plays, we had opportunity for a few more. I thought (Offensive Coordinator) Thomas (Brown) did a great job of calling the second half, happy with his development there. He’s a really sharp guy now. He’s super sharp, thought he did a great job in the second half when he had an opportunity."

Frank Reich va Sports Illustrated

Expect more of the same during Carolina's final preseason clash against the Detroit Lions. Gaining meaningless preseason wins is not the end goal here despite overreactions from the fanbase, and nobody will care at all if the Panthers start their 2023 campaign with two-straight triumphs over NFC South rivals.