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Frank Reich
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Carolina Panthers HC Frank Reich's decision

No matter how disappointing the Carolina Panthers were, they still had the chance to tie or win on their final drive. Bryce Young got them into opposition territory but faced a 4th-and-10 that represented the last opportunity to make something happen.

Instead of putting the game in Young's hands, head coach Frank Reich opted to trot Eddy Pineiro out for a 59-yard field goal in pursuit of sending the game to overtime.

An almost 60-yard attempt. In swirling winds. At Soldier Field.

This was coaching malpractice of the highest order. It was also a decision that Reich regretted in hindsight based on his post-game presser comments via USA Today Sports.

"Do I second-guess myself over it? I mean, yeah. After we missed—yeah, I did. Because the one reason why maybe you go for it there—even though the percentage play is to kick it, if you’re just goin’ pure percentages is to kick it—is because if we make it, we still have a chance to win the game and not just tie. There was time left."

Frank Reich via USA Today Sports

Pineiro's leg isn't big enough to make a 60-yard field goal in a dome, never mind this sort of outdoor environment. This is yet another example of the inexplicable incompetence Reich's displayed since becoming head coach - and he is now firmly on the hot seat across a disillusioned fanbase that is officially past the point of no return.

They've given up. Nothing is changing. And nobody can blame them for voting with their feet with the Dallas Cowboys coming to town in Week 11.