Panthers News: Bryce Young, Jaycee Horn, Austin Corbett and signings

Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers CB Jaycee Horn's defiance

There are many ways to perceive the latest injury complication to Jaycee Horn. In one way, it's not in-season so doesn't matter all that much, but it does represent another complication to an ever-growing list of complications.

Horn's talent is not in question. It's staying healthy that's the problem, so it'll be interesting to see how the former first-round pick fares when the walking boot comes off and he takes the field at Wofford College.

When probed about the injury after Thursday's practice, head coach Frank Reich didn't appear all that bothered based on his comments via USA Today Sports. Something in keeping with their lack of focus on the cornerback room throughout the spring.

"Not concerned. This offseason, obviously, with CJ [Henderson] not takin’ some reps and Donte [Jackson] not takin’ reps—so our secondary guys got a lot of work. This injury to Jaycee [Horn], thankfully, it’s a non-surgical injury—and so he should be ready for training camp. But I love the work our secondary’s done. Gives us a lot of confidence in our guys."

Frank Reich via USA Today Sports

Horn was also in a defiant mood on social media following the news, stating on Twitter that he's dealing with the punches and remaining focused on getting back out there.

While we are still early into preparations and there is plenty of time for Horn to get back, it does nothing to detract from the level of concern surrounding the secondary if the No. 8 overall selection in 2021 misses more time when competitive action begins.