Panthers News: Bryce Young, Jeremy Chinn, Frank Reich and Steve Smith Sr.

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Frank Reich and Bryce Young
Frank Reich and Bryce Young / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young's command

There's been a lot to like about Bryce Young's integration both on and off the field since joining the Carolina Panthers. The enormity of this responsibility as the No. 1 overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft hasn't been overlooked, but there are signs that the quarterback is starting to come out of his shell after taking everything in his stride over an important early transition.

Young's thrown five interceptions throughout camp so far, but this is all part of the learning curve. Getting his teammates onside was arguably the biggest priority, which is something he's done emphatically despite not being the most charismatic quarterback compared to others.

That doesn't mean Young isn't commanding proceedings in his own way. Based on Bradley Bozeman's comments via USA Today Sports, he's got everyone's attention and is more confident than his demeanor appears between the white lines.

"I wouldn’t call him soft-spoken at all. I’d call him more confident. I mean, just even-keeled and confident. It’s everything that I get from him. When he steps in the huddle, everyone shuts up and looks. So, that tells you a lot. There’s a lot of huddles I’ve been in where people are still talking in side conversation about the play that happened before. Whenever he steps in, it’s silent."

Bradley Bozeman via USA Today Sports

This is something other players have also commented on. Young says and does all the right things almost robotically, but that just lulls the opposition into a false sense of security and completely overlooks his killer instinct.