Panthers News: Bryce Young, Matt Corral, TE visit and balance of power

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Carolina Panthers have a plan for Bryce Young

Even though Scott Fitterer didn't officially show his hand when probed by the media in attendance during his pre-draft presser, let's just say the general manager wouldn't be the best poker player that's ever walked the earth. There are tells everywhere you look, which also included a definitive plan for Bryce Young if or when the Carolina Panthers take him at No. 1 overall. 

Young's biggest concern wouldn't be his height. The largest problem that might emerge centers on his slender frame which could be susceptible to injury unless the Panthers don't insulate him well enough. 

Fitterer brought up the Russell Wilson comparisons a lot. He also laid out a pretty clear plan on how Carolina can help the former Alabama standout if he is their guy as expected. 

"Nutritionally, we can do some things to educate him. When we get him into the weight room, you see when you really look at his lower body [that] he's gotten bigger. He's put on a lot of mass down there. A lot of times quarterbacks don't want to lift upper body because they get a little bound up. But he's naturally going to put on size as he ages.' That's something he can control, something we can help him with."

Scott Fitterer via ESPN

What the Panthers have done brilliantly this offseason is put everything in place for a rookie signal-caller to thrive. That includes having the best possible people behind the scenes to make sure his mind and body are right to become a Week 1 starter with potential Pro Bowl upside.