Panthers News: Bryce Young, Matt Corral, TE visit and balance of power

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Carolina Panthers balance of power

Much has been made about the newfound way of thinking within the Carolina Panthers in the post-Matt Rhule era. There seems to be more direction, more collaboration, and more knowledge in the building coming to collective agreements rather than one man holding absolute power. 

Still, someone has to make the final call. Especially with such a franchise-altering choice facing the Panthers at No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft.

It seems as if David Tepper will allow the football men in the building to take the lead. General manager Scott Fitterer shredded further light on the situation, indicating that when push came to shove, Frank Reich and himself are going to get the last say on which quarterback comes into the fold. 

Perhaps most telling was Fitterer's statement about both figureheads being on the same page even before discussions take place. That there was a clear candidate emerging as the frontrunner despite not formally announcing who'll be the guy. 

"I look at it as Frank (Reich) and I will make that decision. I haven't yet asked him. But we were laughing the other day because it's becoming clear for us -- maybe a certain way that we may want to go or who it may be."

Scott Fitterer via SI

There seems to be a relaxed atmosphere about the process following an aggressive move that increased urgency exponentially. Hopefully, those in power can make the right choice that propels the Panthers back to prominence. 

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