Panthers News: Bryce Young, Scott Fitterer, OL unit and best offseason move

Which Carolina Panthers news stories are making headlines as the NFL's most tedious period of the calendar year goes on?

Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young on making mistakes

Things couldn't have gone much better for Bryce Young over early off-season workouts. The quarterback left a positive impression on the Carolina Panthers from the moment he walked into the building, carrying himself impeccably and demonstrating complete command of the huddle despite still learning the ropes.

Established teammates are already on board with what Young could bring to the Panthers next season and beyond. There will be errors along the way, but fans can relax safe in the knowledge their new quarterback has the poise, composure, and supreme football intelligence to keep these to a minimum if the protection holds up.

When discussing how he copes with mistakes, Young took a typically philosophical approach via USA Today Sports. This centered on avoiding complacency, the importance of competition, and challenging each other to be better every single day.

"Mistakes are gonna happen, but that doesn’t mean we have to be satisfied with it. We understand, it’s a tough game. On offense, we’re goin’ up against a great defense every day. Vice versa, we try to challenge ourselves. We understand the competition that happens. So we understand that mistakes are gonna be made, but we don’t get complacent in that. When those happen—we adjust them, we try to get better at them."

Bryce Young via USA Today Sports

Young leads in his own way and is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure goals are met. Having someone like this makes everyone else better, so it looks like the Panthers are in extremely good hands moving forward.