Panthers News: Bryce Young, Terrace Marshall, Chuba Hubbard and power rankings

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Carolina Panthers' decision to pick Bryce Young

Despite the turnovers, quarterback Bryce Young seems to be more comfortable with every passing week. Once he builds up a little extra confidence in his decision-making, it's all systems go.

However, the NFL is a ruthless business and some sections of the fanbase are already starting to question the decision to select Young. This comes from the team's poor form and C.J. Stroud's exceptional start to his career with the Houston Texans.

Upon seeing a video on social media about the level of influence team owner David Tepper is having on the day-to-day operations, ESPN reporter Stephen Holder outlined that the entire NFL was of firm belief Stroud to the Panthers was a done deal before a last-minute change of heart. Whether this was the billionaire pulling rank or not is up for debate.

"This was painful to watch because it isn’t the first time I’ve heard him say this. It’s an open secret in the league that the owner heavily influenced the QB choice, which is never ideal. Talked to Reich at the owners meetings and told him I think I knew which QB he wanted. I said Stroud bc he embodied everything Frank has ever told me he wanted in a QB (accuracy, size, poise, etc). This is not a slight toward Bryce whatsoever. I was just making a prediction based on what I knew of Reich’s criteria."

Stephen Holder via X/Twitter

Even if Tepper wanted Young and Frank Reich didn't, the owner probably wasn't alone in his desire to pick the former Alabama star. If the head coach cannot alter his schematic concepts that play to the quarterback's strengths, he should step aside and let offensive coordinator Thomas Brown take the lead.

This speculation isn't doing Young or anybody else any favors. Just figure it out, let the kid do what he does best, and find a way for these suspect weapons to make an impact somehow.

Otherwise, the same trend will continue.