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Tommy Tremble
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Thomas Brown on Carolina Panthers top job

Speculation continues to run wild about who the Carolina Panthers will choose as their next head coach. There isn't a great deal of confidence in team owner David Tepper's ability to make smart decisions based on his track record. He must get this one right if the billionaire wants to start getting himself back into the good graces of a disillusioned fanbase.

Thomas Brown was asked about the prospect of getting the top job during his media availability on Thursday. The offensive coordinator took the diplomatic approach, focusing his attention on the immediate future rather than worrying about what's ahead beyond the season based on comments via USA Today Sports.

"I try to take great pride in what I bring to the table every single day as far as my attitude and approach. I’ve gotten similar questions before in the past about what the future may bring. And it probably seems redundant in a coach’s response—but honestly, if you ask people that actually know me, I just really . . . one day at a time, bein’ consistent. And honestly, I think what you do in the present helps kinda dictate and kinda put you in a good spot from a future standpoint."

Thomas Brown via USA Today Sports

Brown's taking everything in his stride. It's not been the easiest year with the Panthers despite the offense showing signs of life since Frank Reich's firing. Something that would probably indicate Tepper wants to go in a different direction instead of identifying a candidate in-house.

Whether it's with the Panthers or elsewhere, Brown still has a bright future in the game. That's the biggest compliment one could pay him amid such a turbulent campaign for the franchise.