Panthers News: Cam Newton, Bryce Young, black helmets and Terrace Marshall

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Cam Newton
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Bryce Young's support system

Bryce Young is going through some severe turmoil during his rookie campaign. The Carolina Panthers offense is devoid of inspiration and the supporting cast around the quarterback isn't great. However, the No. 1 overall pick needs to be performing better at this stage of his development.

This is the first time Young's experienced any kind of prolonged adversity throughout his football life. He's been accountable and resolute. But things might get worse before they get better over the next four games.

When speaking about his rocky first year as an NFL professional, Young revealed that many coaches and players have reached out to lend support based on comments via USA Today Sports. Something the player's taken on board in pursuit of better fortunes.

"Yeah, there’s been a lot of people. From coaches to players, obviously, to family that I’ve leaned on as well through it. But being able to just go through this—again, we’re all in the same boat in this building. Coaching staff, front office, players—we’re all on the same boat. We all give our all, we’re all not getting the result we want and we’re all trying to weather that and overcome it. So I’ve been super grateful for people who have reached out and had conversations with. And they know who they are."

Bryce Young via USA Today Sports

The Panthers don't plan on sitting Young down the stretch, no matter how beneficial it might be at this point. They'll see things through with their signal-caller and hope no lingering damage is done long-term - what comes after that is of critical importance.