Panthers News: Cam Newton, Frank Reich, Bryce Young and power rankings

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Cam Newton
Cam Newton / Jake Crandall / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Cam Newton's omission

It's been almost two years since Cam Newton saw a regular-season snap. He's been out of the league since a bombshell return to the Carolina Panthers in 2021, although the legendary quarterback remains keen on a return.

The chances of this are remote at best. Teams around the NFL seem to have moved on, with Newton revealing on the Dan Patrick Show via USA Today Sports that it's been a long time since someone even took a call from his representatives.

"It doesn’t matter how many times you call, if they don’t want you, they’re not picking up. I’ve known the NFL to do and be very intentional in what they do. It’s no manipulation, it’s no swaying. It doesn’t matter if I call them. If they don’t want me, it’s still gonna be . . . okay."

Cam Newton via USA Today Sports

For Newton to acknowledge this publicly, it could mean an official retirement won't be too far behind. This would likely come by signing a one-day contract with the Panthers, where he would receive the deserved adulation for everything he poured into the organization.

Some significant plaudits await Newton in retirement. Even if things haven't ended the way he'd hoped after such a glittering career where he became the league's face for a brief period.