Panthers News: Cam Newton, Frank Reich, Bryce Young and power rankings

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Carolina Panthers HC Frank Reich on borrowed time?

It came as a surprise to see the Carolina Panthers stand pat and do nothing in terms of infrastructure changes after their ninth defeat of the campaign. This was frustrating to large sections of the fanbase, who are growing tired of watching such a poor product almost constantly since David Tepper bought the franchise from Jerry Richardson.

Some have even turned away from the team entirely in protest, which is the saddest thing of all. While Schuyler Callihan of Sports Illustrated didn't expect any staffing changes in the immediate future, the writer sensed an air of inevitability about what might come next unless drastic improvements arrive.

"I'm not sure that we'll see a change in leadership (coaching staff or front office) made anytime soon, but it feels inevitable. If these results continue, something must change. That could be [Frank] Reich, [Scott] Fitterer, coordinators, position coaches, scouts, or all of the above. No job is safe after a 1-9 start to a season, even in the first year of a new staff. And as things stand today, it feels like only a matter of when a change will be made, not if."

Schuyler Callihan, Sports Illustrated

Reich said he's focused on preparing for the Tennessee Titans and has complete faith in his staff. Unless the pendulum swings, Tepper might not be so lenient when the time for conclusions arrives.