Panthers news: Dan Morgan, David Tepper, Brian Callahan and comfort blankets

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David Tepper
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David Tepper's confidence

It seems as if David Tepper is incapable of hitting the reset button entirely. It looked for a long time as if the Carolina Panthers were heading in that direction - especially after hiring a consultancy firm to guide the erratic billionaire. As it turned out, the owner ended up promoting Dan Morgan to the newly named position of president of football operations/general manager.

To say this received a mixed response would be something of an understatement. Morgan is a close friend and associate of recently fired general manager Scott Fitterer. He's also been complicit in the team's indifferent roster building during his three years in Carolina's front office.

Being a former Panthers player might extend some level of courtesy regarding the benefit of the doubt where Morgan is concerned. He'll need to distance himself from Fitterer's methods and win over the fanbase through smart decision-making as part of a shared vision for the future. Something Tepper believes he'll tackle with intensity based on a statement via the team's website.

"Dan has a thorough knowledge of our football personnel and a clear vision to take us where we all want to go. We know he will attack this opportunity with the same intensity he did as a Panthers player."

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This is another chain in the succession of abject failure that's enveloped the Panthers under Tepper's ownership. Everyone will be rooting for Morgan to succeed. Whether he can overcome some significant hurdles and rid himself of Fitterer's stench as a trusted ally is another matter.