Panthers news: Dan Morgan, Jim Harbaugh, David Tepper and Ikem Ekwonu

Delving deeper into the latest Carolina Panthers news and rumors from around the media.

Ikem Ekwonu
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Which Carolina Panthers news stories are hitting the headlines as speculation continues to mount about their head coach and general manager vacancies?

It's been a whirlwind couple of days for the Carolina Panthers. The team was shut out for a second straight game to finish their season. General manager Scott Fitterer was fired. Those in power aggressively began forming their head coach and general manager shortlists in pursuit of finally bringing the right people into the organization.

Developments are ongoing and the headlines are plentiful. As we wait for further news, the stories causing debate include Dan Morgan's potential role moving forward, Ikem Ekwonu's desire, a warning for Jim Harbaugh, and team owner David Tepper being trolled by a veteran NFL executive.

Let's delve into each topic in more detail.

Dan Morgan's future Carolina Panthers role

Scott Fitterer might be gone, but those who worked closely with the general manager remain. The Carolina Panthers have given more responsibilities to Dan Morgan during this important transition. According to David Newton from ESPN, he'll interview formally for the vacant general manager position.

This is a contentious issue among fans. Some are calling for a complete reset. Others want the former All-Pro linebacker to get his shot at running things. In truth, it could go either way.

Looking at the other candidates on Carolina's shortlist - most with analytic backgrounds - the prospect of retaining Morgan as the primary roster molder and personnel evaluator cannot be ruled out. This leaves the new hire - whoever that might be - to work alongside him on issues such as the salary cap.

This method has brought some success around the league. But it would involve team owner David Tepper staying out of the way at long last.