Panthers news: Dan Morgan, Samir Suleiman, Dave Canales and Cam Newton

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Dave Canales
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Cam Newton flirts with the enemy

Cam Newton will be the first to admit his playing days are probably over. The iconic quarterback hasn't seen an NFL field competitively since his bombshell return to the Carolina Panthers in 2021. The league has moved on, leaving him to focus his time on family and a flourishing career within the media industry.

Newton's charisma, exceptional football knowledge, and forthright opinions have been a refreshing change of pace from most podcasts or YouTube shows we see today. He's also been on stage with ex-wide receiver Brandon Marshall for their 'I am ICONIC Live Tour', which has gone down a storm.

When discussing his playing career during an appearance on Good Morning Football, Newton freely admitted it wasn't his primary concern right now based on comments via Sportskeeda. The 2015 NFL MVP also revealed that he'd only be interested in playing for one team due to his family commitments - the Atlanta Falcons.

"It’s not even three, it’s just really one. Me having a family now, it’s always been about family, I don’t see myself leaving Atlanta. If it’s not Atlanta I don’t wanna do it."

Cam Newton via Sportskeeda

The chances of this happening are highly unlikely. But if it did, the Panthers fans who've idolized the signal-caller from the moment he arrived as the No. 1 overall selection in 2011 would be extremely conflicted.

My advice? Stick to the media stuff. Nobody in Charlotte wants to see you suit up in Atlanta. It just wouldn't be right.