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Carolina Panthers GM Dan Morgan tipped to shine

One of the biggest challenges facing president of football operations/general manager Dan Morgan will be keeping team owner David Tepper at arm's length. The billionaire is a renowned meddler and made it clear in no uncertain terms that the new leadership team will report directly to him. A sign that even in positive times of change, he wanted to remind everyone who was really in charge.

The Carolina Panthers won't move forward positively if Tepper is still meddling. According to Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane - who worked with Morgan previously - the recently promoted figure has the intestinal fortitude and forthright demeanor to voice his opinions to anyone based on comments via the team's website.

"He is not afraid. You know, our owner was in draft meetings, and if he asked a question or disagreed with something, or if coach [Sean] McDermott said something, or a coordinator. Like, if Dan didn't believe that you were right, he was going to stand on the table. I always told the guys to speak up if you've done the work, and Dan wouldn't speak out of turn, but if he had done the work, he wouldn't back down from me as well if he disagreed. I've seen him disagree with our owner. I've seen him disagree with the head coach in different situations in a respectful manner. Also, understanding his role here, after you make your case, sometimes the decision is going to be made, and maybe we don't go with you. It's big for the GM to explain to everyone that once a decision is made, it's the decision of the club. Everyone in the building's got to support that."

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Calling Morgan a yes-man is way off the mark. While his elevation meant Tepper had a close ally to work with as part of another period of change, he'll likely make his thoughts known about the future of the franchise, the upcoming personnel decisions, and everything in between working alongside new head coach Dave Canales.