Panthers news: Dave Canales, David Tepper, Bryce Young and new beginnings

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Dave Canales
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Carolina Panthers owner makes intentions known

This was a time for celebration in normal circumstances. It's also a joyous time for Dave Canales, who's worked his whole life for such a big opportunity to lead an NFL franchise and potentially become the latest young stud to thrive in a head coaching role.

And yet, the attention went elsewhere once people dived into the Carolina Panthers' official announcement.

And of course, this turned the attention back to David Tepper.

It was just one small sentence, but the sentiment behind it ran much deeper. Both Canales and Carolina's new president of football operations/general manager Dan Morgan will report directly to Tepper. This is a method he's been severely ridiculed for in the past. That hasn't deterred him from keeping the same mindset despite hiring a consultancy firm to oversee a potential shift in direction.

This was met with anger and dismay among the fanbase. While the situation isn't uncommon around the NFL, supporters were begging for Tepper to take a back seat. To not meddle in football affairs. To not throw his weight around and influence decisions. Sadly, these pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

There was no need whatsoever to put this in the release. None. It's clear as day that despite the Panthers appointing and promoting two candidates who've worked closely together previously, the incompetent billionaire wanted to remind everyone who's in charge.

After all, the ego wants what the ego wants.