Panthers news: Dave Canales, Diontae Johnson, Bryce Young and draft clues

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Diontae Johnson
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Bryce Young turns the page

Things didn't go according to plan for quarterback Bryce Young throughout his rookie campaign to forget. The Carolina Panthers did a horrible job of ensuring their new prized possession came into a good situation. It came as no surprise to see the quarterback go through significant turmoil as a result.

Again, that was last year. Looking back with remorse or regret isn't going to do the Panthers or Young any favors whatsoever. They must turn the page on one of the worst seasons in franchise history, learn from their mistakes, and improve collectively for a brighter future.

Young outlined there is a desire within the organization to put things right. The former Alabama star is also looking to evolve from a leadership standpoint after taking the previous campaign to earn the respect of his teammates - many of whom have been in the league much longer.

"We're definitely hungry. Definitely, there's an eagerness. And you can tell in the locker room there's that want-to, to get to where we need to go. So I think that's something that's definitely driven everyone.

"I'm making sure that I take accountability and responsibility for us to make sure that we're on the same page. I think last year, I came in, and I wanted to learn. Obviously, I was in a position where I'm the starting quarterback and a leader, but also I felt like there was a process of me trying to learn and earn that respect, and earn the ability to be a leader."

It's a new-look Panthers in every sense of the term. More arrivals are coming via the 2024 NFL Draft, but the onus is on Young to lead from the front and capitalize on improved options around him en route to a potential bounce-back season in 2024.

Having a renowned quarterback developer leading the charge in Dave Canales should also help. The head coach is molding a scheme to fit Young's strengths, so it would be a major disappointment if significant strides weren't made.