Panthers news: Dave Canales, OC interviews, Bryce Young and departures

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Bryce Young tipped to shine under Dave Canales

While many believed the Carolina Panthers hiring Dave Canales was settling and a sign of their current perception league-wide, those in power decided to take the plunge with an unproven head coach instead of going with another retread. It might be sooner than most envisaged, but it's always better to be too early than too late.

That's today's life lesson.

Canales was also hired primarily due to some sterling work with quarterbacks throughout his NFL journey. The likes of Russell Wilson, Geno Smith, and Baker Mayfield have thrived under his methods. The Panthers are hoping he has a similar impact on Bryce Young after a disappointing rookie campaign.

When speaking to the media on Friday, Smith highlighted what makes Canales such a great coach. He's also confident Young can thrive under his tutelage based on comments via USA Today Sports.

"You’re getting a phenomenal coach who loves ball, who loves people, loves to coach, loves to teach. He’s patient. He’s understanding. And also he’s a guy who’s ever-evolving. He understands you’ve gotta continue to improve. When it comes to his relationship with the quarterback, with Bryce [Young], he’s a guy who has been around a lot of great quarterbacks. And he knows how to coach them. He’s coached some really good quarterbacks, and he has a system, he has a style, he knows exactly what he wants done and how he wants it done. And he’s going to get Bryce to do that through repetition, through practice, through meeting time and classroom and the film room."

Geno Smith via USA Today Sports

There are 52 other players to manage, but Carolina's substantial investment in Young makes his growth their top priority. If Canales cannot get him up to speed in the not-too-distant future, the Panthers have a significant problem on their hands.