Panthers news: David Tepper, Bryce Young, Jonathan Mingo and weak statements

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David Tepper
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Carolina Panthers issue weak statement

Almost immediately after the fine had been announced regarding David Tepper's drink-throwing incident, the Carolina Panthers released a statement of their own. This had the owner's fingerprints all over it.

Tepper offered no apology. He deflected blame. The hedge fund manager stated via FOX Sports an acceptance regarding the punishment as if he had some sort of choice in the matter. It lends further weight to his arrogance and complete disregard for the paying public.

"I am deeply passionate about this team and regret my behavior on Sunday. I should have let NFL stadium security handle any issues that arose. I respect the NFL’s code of conduct and accept the League’s discipline for my behavior."

David Tepper statement via FOX Sports

This was an absolute disgrace in all honesty. It's complete double standards about what's acceptable behavior for players and owners. But as we all know, the NFL doesn't like upsetting ownership. After all, they're the ones that keep commissioner Roger Goodell in post with a whopping annual salary of $63.9 million.

It was a minimal fine. The NFL has a big problem on its hands with Tepper if he doesn't change his ways. This saga will also make it more difficult to convince Carolina's primary head coaching targets when the upcoming cycle commences in the coming days.

If Tepper cared so passionately about the Panthers, he wouldn't be running the franchise into the ground.