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Carolina Panthers praise Bryce Young's toughness

There is an obvious temptation to take Bryce Young out of the firing line in Week 18. The Carolina Panthers aren't playing for anything other than potentially avoiding the embarrassment of former quarterback Baker Mayfield winning the NFC South at Bank of America Stadium. The No. 1 pick has taken untold punishment behind a suspect offensive line, so sitting him down would take away the risk of injury if nothing else.

That's not something Chris Tabor is planning to do. He did praise Young's supreme toughness, which the interim head coach believes has answered some pre-draft concerns about the signal-caller's durability based on comments via Carolina's website.

"It just says who he is. I mean, he's obviously very physically tough. I think he's proven that the other area where he's extremely tough is mentally. I think I stated it two weeks ago after the Green Bay game when the mood was better. My thoughts on him haven't changed at all. He's a tough customer. He's a winner; he works at it. He has all the intangibles and really still like where he's going. The tape has answered those questions. He's taken some shots, but he pops right back up, and he dusts himself off, and he, and he goes. So, to me, those narratives are just narratives. Obviously, he's, he has shut those down, in my opinion."

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Young has one more game to get through without falling foul of injury. That's been the primary objective above all else from a long way out this season. The former Alabama star will be hoping those in power do right by him under a new coaching regime next time around.